Claymore-The Con within the Con Plus Early Gaming  Starts Thursday February 8, 2018

Claymore is designed for the serious map and counter crowd-the Grognards who like their games complex and big, real big.  Like last year we have obtained the room near the Dining Area for long term gaming starting Thursday morning and continuing until Convention's end.  

Games on the list this year include an operational level game of the invasion Of Saipan in the Pacific, a strategic level game of the Napoleonic Wars, and the game that is more a lifestyle than anything else: Advanced Squad Leader.

Early Gaming Thursday 1:00 pm

Game Title: The Napoleonic Wars
GM's Name: Steve Askew
Game Type (Board or RPG): Board Game
Brief Decription: The Napoleonic Wars, 1805 - 1815, brings you a fast-paced, tension-filled, card-driven wargame using a point-to-point movement system that pushes the envelope in a new direction for this pivotal period of history. Having a simple-to-learn strategic system and short rulebook, The Napoleonic Wars, can be played in an evening as the cards and Diplomatic Track make for tough decision-making in the face of everchanging enemy threats.

Set in 1805 Europe, you must weigh the strategic dilemmas facing the two alliances in mortal conflict. Napoleon's France enjoys a superb army, central position, superior leadership, and a useful, if not powerful, ally in Spain. However, she faces three foes.

Napoleon must beware of Britain's seapower and wealth, Austria's threatening position, and Russia's reinforcing hordes. In the wings, Prussia, Turkey, and Sweden teeter on the brink of war, begging inducements to join either side. Even lowly Denmark's fleet can upset the balance of power.
Number of Players: 4-10
Comments: Two sets of this game will be played. It will be played on Thursday starting at 1:00pm and continuing to completion.

Game Title: ASL Campaign Objective Schmidt
GM's Name: Jim Berhalter
Game Type (Board or RPG): Board
Brief Decription: Refight the Battle of the Hurtgen Forest in this new release from Bounding Fire Production. This game will be played most of the convention and players can come and go as commends open up
Number of Players: Multiple
Table Size: 4' X 6'

Thursday Evening 8:00 - 11:00

Game Title:  Arkham Horror Night
Players: 2-8                                                                                                                                                                                    System: Various                                                                                                                                                                   Type: Board Game, Living Card Game                                                                                                                           GM: Chris Forster                                                                                                                                                                      Come and play various H.P. Lovecraft inspired games into the night. Arkham Horror LCG, Elder Sign, Fate of the Elder Gods, King of Tokyo (with Cthluhu), and more. Come out and see if your sanity can hold!!

Friday 9:00am - 1:00pm

Game Title: Prokhorovka: Operation Citadel collides with Operation Kutuzov
GM's Name: Andy Sikes
Game Type (Board or RPG): Board
Brief Decription: July, 1944, approximately 90 SW of Kursk, three crack Waffen SS Divsions prepare to do battle with the 5th Guards Tank Army in an effort to pocket sizable Russian forces. Using Panzer Gruppe modifications of PanzerBlitz

Number of Players: Six is optimal, but more is doable.
Session Time: Four A Saturday 9:00am-11:00am
Signed up: Steve Askew, Don Shirley, Kirk Bramlett, Andy Sikes, Tom Altee.