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This year, Claymore will feature the playing of two of the most iconic board wargames of all time.  Starting Thursday, we will having a playing of Poland in Flames, an Advanced Squad Leader Campaign Game.   This game will feature 4-6 players gaming all weekend.  The players may change from time to time, but the game goes on.

Then starting on Friday Morning, we will begin the playing of a Mega PanzerBlitz game featuring 17 mapboards, and large handfuls of unit counters.  This game will also be played all weekend. 


Utah Beach Playtest at Claymore 

MMP Games will be running a playtest all weekend of their Grand Tactical System of The Greatest Day Utah.  This is the second game of the Normandy Campaign that will ultimately involve all of the landing beaches.  The game will be played in the Waypoint Room by the ground Floor Elevators.  It will start on Thursday morning and continue through the weekend.