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Rapier's Vendors 

Vendor Rates are $50.00 for a 6 foot X 30" Tables.  Please provide us with  a store name and the number of vendor's Name Tags required.
Vendors Confirmed for Rapier 
Vendor Name  Location


Cool Stuff  Aviation Ballroom
Chris Stockton Compass Room
Polyhedra Knights  Aviation Ballroom
Dwight Jones Compass Room  
Time Portal Aviation Ballroom
Richard Borg Aviation Ballroom
FLGS Aviation Ballroom
Big Daddy Games Aviation Ballroom
Stan Johansen Miniatures Compass Room
Adventure Game Store Aviation Ballroom
By Fire and Sword Compass Room
Dogs of Wargaming Aviation Ballroom 

Please address any concerns or questions to:

Chip Coffey POC Rapier Gaming Convention  ccoffey706@aol.com 

Number of Tables
Number of Name Tags
Vendor Name