Convention Registration, T-Shirt Purchases, Game Sign-ups, and Flea Market Tables

Early Registration

Rapier 2018 T-Shirts

Flea Market Table (Per 30" X 6' Table)

  All Flea Market Tables are sold out! Early registration has ended!  No game sign ups can be taken.  Daily rates are as follows: $20.00 for Friday; $20.00 for Saturday; and $10.00 for Sunday.  See you at the convention!

Rapier Session Times

Claymore: Thursday 8:00 am through Midnight

Session One: Friday 9:00 am through 1:00 pm

Session Two: Friday 2:00 pm through 6:00 pm

Session Three: Friday 8:00 pm through Midnight

Friday Late Night

Session Four: Saturday 9:00 am through 1:00 pm

Session Five: Saturday 2:00 pm through 6:00pm

Session Six: Saturday 8:00 pm through Midnight

Saturday Late Night

Session Seven: Sunday 9:00 am through 1:00 pm

Session Eight: Sunday 2:00 pm through 6:00 

Remember the advantages of Early Registration:

1. Save Money

2. Free Rapier 2018 D6

3. Five Free Raffle Tickets

4. Sign up for Three games early.