Sunday Gaming

Session Seven A 9:00am-11:00am

Game Title: Samurai Swords
GM's Name: Wade Emmons
Game Type: Board
Number of Players: Invitation Only

Game Title: September Eagles *******Rapier Racing Challenge*********
GM's Name: Chip Coffey
Game Type: Board plus minis
Description:  Along a course marked by pylons in front of a huge grandstand built especially for the event, “the Thompson” was the greatest aerial contest of its time. Pilots raced to their planes from a starting-gun's signal, flew off from a standing start, and then raced at speeds of hundreds of miles an hour, scores of feet above ground. The roar of the aircraft's engines were hardly drowned-out by that of the crowds as they witnessed aerial duels in which planes and pilots were pushed to their limits and sometimes beyond.

September's Eagles is a low level, fun to play game on the Thompson Trophy Air Race of 1929-1939. Players use cards to activate their planes and pilots, and to stymie (Trump) the moves of their opponents. Play is very interactive, intense and true to the history.
Number of Players: 2-4

Game Title: BRATS NO More!!!
GM's Name: Chris Forster
Game Type: RPG
Number of Players: 3-6
Description:  Slipstream has survived her Cross Time Caper, only to see the world changed in ways she could not have expected.  The team is different, the powers are different, the reception of the team is different.  Only she rememebers the previous timelines, and now she has to cope with the changes.  Or does she?  Join us and find out.

Game Title: Roads and Boats
GM's Name: Dale Martin
Game Type: Board
Description: In Roads & Boats, players start with a modest collection of donkeys, geese, boards, and stone. With these few materials, players work to develop their civilization. The emphasis in the game is logistical transport as you bring goods to producers to make new goods. But beware, the only thing you own is what is on your transporters, and anyone can use any production facility, or pick up any goods left behind.
Number of Players: 4

Session 8A 2:00pm-4:00pm

Game Title: Race the Wind *********Rapier Racing Challenge*********
GM's Name: Chip Coffey
Game Type: Board plus minis
Race the Wind, sailing cup, is a game by Ghenos faithfully reproducing a regatta (more than 2 boats) or a match race (2 boats) without cards or dice. The race course extends on the longest side of the board, between the downwind gate, bounded by the mark and the Committee boat, and the upwind buoy. The length of the course can be changed at will by the competitors. At the beginning the wind blows from the upwind buoy (North) towards the downwind gate (South).
Number of Players: 5

Session 8B 4:00pm-6:00pm

Game Title: Nuclear War
GM's Name: Mike Jones
Game Type: Board
Description: Cool off from a hot con by blowing up your friends.  A Rapier tradition.
Number of Players: 5-6